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Website Blocking

Restrict Access to Unwanted and Unsafe Content

If you share your PC with multiple users, there may be websites which you may want to restrict access to, or at times probably even block them. So, rather than manually blocking each website separately, you could opt for the one-stop destination TechGenie to do this task for you. A simple tool, Website Blocking, takes care of reducing your hassles and completely ensures that the websites that have been blocked once do not ever open up on your PC. Therefore, by blocking unwanted and unsafe content, you can streamline your searches and maintain a safe browsing environment.

Website Blocking enables you to block websites that may not be appropriate for users of the different age and preference groups. Website blocking helps you to curb access to websites that contain adult content, violent and hate crime-based content, objectionable gaming websites, and those that offer instant messaging facilities.

To let our search filters do the job perfectly, compile a list of websites that you want to restrict access to and add the names to our software. That’s it! Your work is done. Let TechGenie take over hereafter while you and your family members continue enjoying a safe browsing environment.