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Traffic Filter

Secures Personal Data

You are exposed to viruses and other security threats every time you browse the Internet. Though antivirus, anti-malware, and firewall settings provide necessary protection from various security threats, how about securing your computer using appropriate traffic filters that can block threats much before they can attack your computer?

Now you can easily do that. TechGenie advanced Traffic Filter provides comprehensive protection from web-based attacks by checking and cross-checking your Internet traffic for a much secure web presence. Our traffic filtering tool provides professional and complete network monitoring and web filtering service to make your browsing safe and secure. It includes URL filters, web category filters, upload file filters, and traffic monitors to provide you advanced security controls so that you can take full advantage of the web.

Key features

  • Customized traffic filtering:

    Traffic filtering improves the security of network by filtering the network traffic based on various levels. You can set the traffic filtering of the network according to your preference. Customization is necessary for filtering the traffic of the network. Set customized rules so that you can easily determine the manner in which you want to regulate the incoming and outgoing traffic.
  • Regulate the flow of traffic in the network:

    The Internet is full of websites that contain illegal and inappropriate content which are harmful for your computer. These illegal websites contain viruses and malware programs that are always lurking to affect your computer and steal data and sensitive information. Active web filtration provides enterprise-level protection against full range of internet threats to ensure that you stay protected from all latest and incoming zero-day threats, spyware, and targeted attacks.
  • Protect data loss:

    Every time you browse the Internet, you are exposed to security threats possessed by viruses and malware programs and software. The data filtering tool helps in protecting data loss from your computer. Our traffic filtering tool carefully scans user-generated content on all key web protocols to prevent any leak of information.
  • Easy and efficient management:

    Get rid of the hassle of deploying and managing multiple standalone applications for protecting your online presence. Now you don’t have to worry about different applications to help you keep protected from these viruses and malware attacks. Our traffic filtering tool integrates numerous web filtering applications for enhanced and all-round protection.

So, take the advantage of our tool and completely secure your online presence for all incoming threats and viruses.