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Complete PC protection is now possible

Prevent accidental file deletions & smoothen
your PC security task

Self Protection

Safety First

It is easy to like an application and get it installed on your system only to find out that its files and settings can be easily tampered with. This not only gives rise to constant insecurity of having to bother about any accidental deletion of those files but also to worry about the optimal performance of the application owing to sudden unwanted alterations. The Self Protection tool of TechGenie completely does away with these insecurities and botherations.

How does Self Protection limit accidental deletion of files?

Installing TechGenie is a one-time effort and we want you to enjoy a hassle-free experience as much as we ourselves appreciate it. Self Protection takes care of its files itself and prevents you from deleting any component of the TechGenie software, so that it is always up and functioning. If your PC has multiple users, it is common that other users may not be aware of the various applications that you may have installed and may attempt to delete files which may appear redundant to them. However, with this feature available, not only will deleting a file be impossible, all services and features of the application will always be in a super-smooth working condition.

This definitely reduces all unnecessary hassles leaving you to concentrate only on your work and enjoy… Install this software today and see for yourself what complete PC protection means!


Key Benefits

  • Prevents accidental deletion of application files
  • Optimizes performance of the software
  • One-time effort to install