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You list it & TechGenie keeps you safe!

Create reference lists and allow/restrict the
content from showing up.

Safe/ Not Safe List

Add names and prepare a handy list for all-time


TechGenie creates for you a safe online environment by providing you with several tools that help you to limit access to particular web content, websites, applications, and even games. As you add names of unsafe websites, keywords, or text that you want the software to block on your PC, it will automatically create a log of these names and maintain them in a list that you can view for any future reference. Thus, what it will do for you is ease your work of having to look for the safety quotient of websites; it will already have a log to display before you.

The Safe/ Not Safe List feature will definitely help all users in your group, as they too can refer to it and benefit you as well by adding to the list themselves. Adult content, violent gaming sites, websites that facilitate cyber bullying can conveniently be added to the ‘Unsafe’ list while you can add educative and fun websites to the ‘Safe’ list.

Other than while surfing the Internet, you can take advantage of this feature even while it is filtering mails for you. Avoiding spam mails will definitely become easier for you now…