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Registry Cleaner

Fine tune your PC for optimized performance

Just defragmenting your PC’s hard drive might not be sufficient to optimize its speed and performance. You need to do more! Your computer stores numerous redundant files, programs, and obsolete applications that harm the overall health of your computer. Left untouched, your computer turns into a junk box, ready to explode any day. Why wait?

Switch to Registry Cleaner and gift yourself a fast and convenient way to clean and repair all your registry related issues, including missing references to shared DLLs, unused entries, missing file extensions, as well as missing referenced application paths. In just minutes, Registry Cleaner can identify and mark all the registry items that are safe to remove and also the ones that are not so safe. Based on an advanced algorithm, it will deep scan your Windows Registry to identify hard-to-detect errors that lead to system slow down, crash, and freeze.

Key features

  • Deep scans your Windows registry

    Our Registry Cleaner tool features powerful deep scanning abilities to detect and repair all your registry errors. It analyzes and defrags all the registry entries to keep your computer efficient and tidy and clears out all the gaps and debris that degrade your system’s speed and performance.
  • Complete registry backup

    Deleted a wrong registry entry by mistake? Don’t worry; Registry Cleaner takes care of such issues as well. Before deleting the errors, it creates an automatic backup of all the entries so that you can easily undo the changes, if required.
  • Increases your PC’s speed and performance

    Over the years of use, your computer gets clogged with hundreds of entries that are left unattended in the database, most of them referring to files, folders, and applications that no longer exist. These registry entries eventually slow down your system’s performance. Our Registry Cleaner solves this problem by detecting and fixing registry errors like invalid startup entries and orphaned files, applications, and pointers.

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