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Optimize and Speed Up Your PC

An automated PC optimization and maintenance tool

Getting fast is all good. But when it comes to computers, staying at the top performing speed is always a problem. Over the years of use, numerous programs and files stay unattended in your computer, thus clogging its performance. But not anymore! With PC Optimizer, maintaining your PC’s speed is no longer a hassle.

PC Optimizer is a set of different PC maintenance tools that work together to improve the overall speed and performance of your computer by clearing out unnecessary clutter and by resolving all the memory issues. It powers up your games, web, and multimedia applications for peak performance.

Key features

  • Advanced Turbo Mode

    Now turning off multiple applications at once is just a one-step process! PC Optimizer’s Advanced Turbo Mode automatically shuts down all the unnecessary Windows services like Media Player sharing, remote assistance, and pen recognition to give you an optimized PC performance.
  • Startup Optimizer

    Are redundant and orphaned files, pointers, and programs cluttering your hard drive? PC Optimizer jump starts your computer by identifying and recommending all the unnecessary startup programs, services, as well as incorrect system settings that are lying unattended in your computer and are slowing you down.
  • Startup Manager

    Long lists of startup programs often remain unmanaged – that’s a fact. Our Startup Manager tool identifies and rates all the startup programs installed on your computer, so that you can easily choose the ones that are important.
  • Disk Optimization

    Topping up your computer with more and more resource-hungry programs can considerably slow down your system’s performance. Our disk optimization tool takes care of all such programs and turns them off if they are not running actively by pausing their background activity, thus improving memory utilization and ensuring that your PC always performs at its best.
  • Complete system cleanup

    PC Optimizer informs you of all the current hardware and software components to help you learn the in and out of your computing machine. Not just this, it also cleans your junk and temp folders to reduce the unnecessary load on your computer.

Need to know more about PC Optimizer and ways to install it? Get in touch with our expert technicians available 24*7, 365 days a year for complete information on the specs and features of PC Optimizer and accelerate your computer’s speed and performance.