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Three PC Wishes: Speed | Security | Support
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It is TechGenie PC Optimizer Pro for sure!

For a super efficient and 24x7 optimized PC

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Why TechGenie PC Optimizer Pro

The upgraded version of TechGenie Free PC Optimizer, it is easy to use yet robust.

The components provide you round the clock PC optimizing facilities in the form of

  • Tools to speed up your PC in a jiffy
  • Simple fixes to annoying common PC errors
  • Encryption-decryption facilities to safeguard your data and files
Call Toll free 1 877 770 9245
  • The first step to wiping out PC clutter is to remove all duplicate files; Techgenie PC Optimizer Pro does it all in just a click of the mouse.

    Rhett P
  • A fast PC and a slow Internet connection isn't a fine combo; bring both at par and enjoy the advantages. I have PC optimizer Pro installed and am very happy with the results.

    Mary Williams

About TechGenie PC Optimizer Pro

Cleans, optimizes, and manages disk space on your PC

For enhanced PC speed and performance and to efficiently fix typical issues on your PC, TechGenie PC Optimizer Pro is the maintenance solution that you can trust!

  • User-friendly dashboard

    Allows even the beginners to easily install and use the tools of this suite 
  • Registry cleaning facilities

    Unless your PC's registry is clean, it won't perform the best for you; scan using this tool and notice the difference instantly
  • Round the clock tech support

    For your convenience and ease, we work 24x7
  • One click access to resolve common PC errors

    Because errors are annoying and we kill the annoyance in no time
  • Internet optimization facility

    Without this tool your PC wouldn't be 100% optimized? Will it be?
  • File backup and restoration facility

    For simple ways to backup and restore your data and files, use this tool
  • Compatibility with Windows 8

    This tool has been set with state of the art components so that it is compatible with even the latest operating systems
  • Enjoy a one-click process to restore valuable files and back them up as well!
  • Surfing Security

    Gives improved security for online shopping, banking and more.
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Total Security

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Free PC Optimizer

Free PC Optimizer

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Free Antivirus

Free Antivirus
  • TechGenie Free Antivirus provides you freedom from the fears of virus, malware, Trojans, hackers, and data thefts.
  • This security suite offers you real-time threat detection techniques that are pro-active, contemporary, and efficient.
  • This TechGenie solution also provides protection for your browsers.

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PC Optimizer Pro $ 39.99
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How TechGenie PC Optimizer Pro Works

Speed up your PC like never before through state of the art PC optimizing techniques.
  • one ScanRecognizes an unsafe file.
  • two FixSends the digital fingerprint to the cloud for analysis.
  • three RestoreRestores the information on the device to initiate action.

TechGenie PC Optimizer Pro Features

Find features of TechGenie PC Optimizer Pro

  • PC Optimizer

    To maintain your productivity, TechGenie PC Optimizer Pro offers you PC optimizing facilities that are quick, simple, and efficient.

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  • Internet Optimizer

    Besides the PC, this suite also optimizes your Internet connection for a swifter web experience. Try out this simple tool for instant results.

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  • Registry Cleaner

    Keeps the PC's registry clean so that you enjoy the best system performance. Use this tool regularly for enhanced PC speed in just a jiffy.

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  • Disk Defragmentation

    Protects your hard disks & manages data pockets, space. Clears duplicate entries & adds instant power to your PC. Check out now.

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  • Security Advisor

    Offers you handy security tips & boosts the digital life of yours and your family's. For quick results, regularly scan your PC using this tool.

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  • Duplicate File Finder

    Manages files & reduces space consumption; boosts your PC's speed. Removes redundant files and enhances your productivity too.

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  • Data Backup & Restore

    Backsup sensitive data & helps restore missing files & folders. Keeps your productivity on and ensures you never waste time hunting for files.

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  • Common Problem Troubleshooter

    Helps detect and fix common errors and issues that bug you often; enhances your PC experience to create fun memories.

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Customer Reviews
4 Star rating based on 225 reviews

Ever since I installed the PC Optimizer Pro suite, I can notice that I have become far more efficient and punctual in delivering my work. Also, I am no longer fretting over common issues that I was earlier busy solving almost everyday.


I don’t know much about managing files and my desktop was always cluttered. However, not anymore. My desktop is now clean, the apps load faster, and my Internet connection has improved too. Thanks PC Optimizer pro!