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Password Protection

How to keep TechGenie Safe and Working?

You are aware of the antivirus, anti-malware, and anti spam cover that you can enjoy by installing TechGenie on your PC. However, have you yet learnt how you could keep this software safe yourself? Well, just as it is a simple application and does not require your intervention much to do the different tasks, its safety quotient is thus not an exception either. The Password Protection tool of this software helps it to remain secure and operational, soon after it is installed.

This feature gives you access to a master password that only you, as an administrator, can alter or tamper with. Once the security password is set, one will have to log in using the administrator account to be able to modify it. To make it doubly secured, you can set a security question – obviously a tricky or absolutely personal question, to which only you will know the answer, can do the trick here.

To have a safe PC and Internet environment, it is important that your security suite is alert at all times and is particularly aware of the newer viruses and infections prying around. This software does it and therefore you get to enjoy a relaxed PC session, completely free of any security worries. Keep all your data, files, passwords safe in your PC by maximizing the advantages of the Password Protection tool.

Password Protection Key Features

  • Simple to use
  • Security question
  • Password can be modified by administrator only
  • Keeps all your data safe