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Simple controls to ensure that your kid is safe
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Parental Control

Secure your kid’s digital footprints

Concerned about your child’s digital safety? Now protect, manage, and understand your kid’s Internet activities using our super-efficient Enhanced Parental Control module. This comprehensive tool allows you to monitor your kid’s online presence, set appropriate and age limits, and protect them against inappropriate content, cyber bullying, as well as online predators.

TechGenie Enhanced Parental control module provides you total control over various Internet applications, along with complete monitoring of website, gaming activities, keystrokes, as well as chats and other social media activities.

Key features

  • Strong Internet filters

    Real-time monitoring filters give you complete visibility and control over your child’s Internet browsing sessions. You can securely block your kid’s access to adult websites, questionable chat rooms, and inappropriate games.
  • Individual Account Control

    Our Enhanced Parental control module provides completely customizable settings for each Windows account. You can either choose a particular age group to apply default settings or manually customize the settings for every filter.
  • Block dangerous websites and applications

    Don’t want your child to access the wrong side of Internet? Our Enhanced Parental control module allows you to set internet restrictions based on keywords and domains to block individual URL’s as well as inappropriate web content.



  • User group classification

    Simply choose a particular age group and our Enhanced Parental control tool will do the rest. For complete and all-round security, it applies customized settings that are specific for every age group.
  • Complete event monitoring

    With this TechGenie tool, you can scan the detailed history of your kid’s Internet and application related events to manage your kid’s online activities.

  • Easy turn off/turn features

    Disable or enable the Enhanced Parental control tool with a click of a button, while retaining all settings for hassle-free application later.

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