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Outlook Toolbar

You will no longer dread browsing your mailbox

All-inclusive security software should also help you get rid of spam messages without you, as a user, having to intervene in the process. TechGenie Outlook Toolbar relieves you of manual detection, identification, and action on receiving a spam mail. Once you have this software installed on your system, the Outlook Toolbar feature will do these tasks for you and more. Newsletters, advertisements, promotional material, etc, that generally spam your mail boxes will actually never make it there. With its stringent filters, this toolbar will always be at work.

The top 3 benefits of the Outlook Toolbar are:

Key features

  • Prevents junk mails from coming to your inbox: 

    Outlook Toolbar is a tiny, yet a very handy feature. Available to you in the form of a toolbar, it keeps a tab on e-mails and prevents your inbox from getting cluttered with unwanted mails, many of which could even be unsafe. Junk mails always clog your inbox. But, now you don’t have to worry about those spam and junk mails. The Outlook toolbar keeps a track on your mails and help prevent junk mails from entering your inbox. You can breathe in relief as the Outlook toolbar prevents the cluttering of your inbox.
  • Offers customizable settings:

    Now, you can customize the Outlook Toolbar settings and at the same time, you can be in control over the mails and messages that enters into your mailbox. The anti-spam filter settings of the Outlook toolbar keeps away spam mails from your inbox. With a facility to choose between low, moderate, and high levels of analysis; you can customize the Outlook Toolbar settings as per your requirements. Depending on the volume of mails that are received in your inbox, you could set the priority levels and thus restrict or allow access to as many mail senders as you may like. This also lets you subscribe to specific newsletters and promotional materials without any worries.
  • Compatible with Microsoft Outlook:

    The best about this tool is that you can comfortably have this utility detect and remove spam messages from reaching you. Designed as per the latest technology, it ensures that you get the very best service. The Outlook toolbar is compatible with Microsoft Outlook 2013, 2010 and 2007 on operating systems Windows 8, Windows 7 and Windows XP. But to operate the Outlook toolbar you will require Microsoft .NET 3.5 and Flash version 10.0 or higher.

For you to enjoy a safe browsing and mailing environment, TechGenie continuously works. It indeed makes worrying about spam, a thing of the past.