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Multi Protection Levels

Secure your network infrastructure

Is your firewall competent enough to block all kind of malicious programs and protect your computer from attacks? Does your computer need multi protection levels for all-round security? Though most of the contemporary firewall software have the ability to control and block websites that report suspicious activities, some malicious programs deploy sneaky techniques to masquerade as approved programs and gain access to your network. This is where multilevel protection comes to work. It enforces enhanced protection to your network and closely scrutinizes and filters out websites and other applications on the basis of pre-defined firewall policies.

Install TechGenie software and benefit yourself from its Multi Protection Levels tool to get complete security against viruses, spyware, identity thefts, as well as hackers attack. Our Multi Protection Levels tool provides additional levels of security to scan, chop, and allow only those sites that fall in the trusted category list. Thus, you and your family will be protected from harmful websites and uncontrolled online activities.

Key features

  • Comprehensive security solution

    Firewall is a barricade between secure internal network and the Internet. A firewall must be capable enough to shield your computer from all kinds of malicious software and programs. With layers of protection, our tool provides in-depth defense to secure your network from ever-emerging threats. Its increased multi level security does not allow any virus or malware to break through the security filters of your firewall.
  • Unmatched performance

    The multi protection level tool helps in providing complete security to your computer from viruses and malware. This tool helps in securing online identity, data that are sent and received, internet sessions and much more. Our security software integrates various key security features like intrusion prevention system, web filtering, anti-spam filtering, and comprehensive traffic filteration to deliver multi layer security to your network. It also incorporates detailed reporting capabilities for complete event log and internal monitoring.
  • Stateful inspection for higher level of protection

    A firewall is programmed to differentiate between illegal and legitimate connections and only allows the legitimate connections to pass through it. The rest of the connections are rejected by its higher level of protection tool. Stateful inspection provides a greater level of security control by enforcing strong security policies both at port layer as well as at the address level. Multi Protection Levels provides an additional layer of control and ensures that only authorized content is allowed through the firewall.

So, install our tool right away to get enterprise-level security for both your home as well as office network.