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Keep your Droid under check with TechGenie!

We secure your mobile device and optimize it too

Why TechGenie Mobile

Because we offer smart tools to keep your Mobile device safe that includes

  1. State of the art scanning tools to keep your mobile in the 'Perfect' working condition
  2. Speeds up your Internet browsing sessions
  3. Monitors the battery health 24x7
  4. Logs RAM usage and alerts in case of memory issue

TechGenie Mobile Features:

This Mac optimizing program uses cloud-based technologies to maintain the performance of the machine!

  • Memory Optimizer: Fast scanning options, Keeps memory usage under check, Alerts on low memory usage, Identifies resource-hungry apps, Easily closes down apps that eat up memory

  • Battery Optimization: Simple to use interface, Offers options to conserve battery, Provides pre-defined battery saving choices, Easy tools to create custom profiles, Handy and Safe

  • Cache Cleaner: Simple to scan techniques, Clears residual, duplicate, cache files, Frees up device space, Speeds up online sessions, Optimizes your Android device