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Enable/Disable Startup Items

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Design Your Startup As You Like It

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Startup items can be as much a pain as it is a delight for computer users, unless you regularly monitor & customize them! Adding an application to the startup menu is a smart thing to do - it speeds up the loading time of the app, prevents wastage of time looking for it, and even places the app at a click's access. However if, with time, the signficance of the application comes down, but you continue having it on the menu, it wouldn't be a smart thing. Rather, you will only make your device sluggish. To ensure this never happens, customize the startup menu on your device or simply let TechGenie do it for you!

Key features

  • Add applications to the list

    TechGenie Mac Optimizer strives to simplify your life - it makes designing your Startup menu easy and instant! Just add the programs you want to load at startup to the list on TechGenie and hit the 'Add' button. Simple! Now when you will boot your device, these programs will load automatically...
  • Remove programs from the list

    To remove unwanted programs from the list, simply identify them on TechGenie and select the 'Remove' option. This tool will remove them completely from Startup and leave space for you to add new applications! The tedious task of adding and removing programs from the menu that would have otherwise taken you lot of time can now be accomplished in just a few clicks.
  • Optimize the startup and the machine

    Simply adding and deleting programs from the menu isn't enough. The space that is now vacant on the menu should be optimized so that it is better used. TechGenie is aware of this and instantly optimizes the menu as well as your device! This handy tool totally empowers you to enjoy a safe computing environment...

Still not sure how you can initiate the task of customizing the Startup menu? Worry not; call our tech experts anytime you need our help and let us arrange the menu for you. We are on call 24x7 on our toll free number.