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Tightly Secure your Mac Now and Forever

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Automatic protection feature keeps your device under the security umbrella even at times when you may be a little relaxed. It is instances such as these that malware designers look to tap - once captured, they can cause you maximum harm. And to make sure that there is never a dull moment as this, TechGenie empowers your mchine with real-time protection. It constantly looks for malicious files and as soon as it detects one, it instantly removes it. Since it is running in the background, you will not be bothered by its functioning; nonetheless, it will keep you shielded at all times!"

Key features

  • Security Everytime

    Without real-time threat protection enabled, your Mac machine will only remain prone to attacks and hazards. Thankfully, TechGenie allows you to enjoy this feature and you can even manage it in a few clicks!
  • Action on Detection

    As soon as TechGenie Mac Security Pro finds a suspicious file, it will automatically quarantine it to minimize the risk quotient. Should you require retreiving the file, you can access the Quarantine Chest and then follow it up from there.
  • Real-time Protection Alerts

    If at all this shield is accidentally disabled, TechGenie will send you alerts regarding the same. Even if it is temporarily snoozed, the program will notify you about it. This is to make sure that there is never an 'Unsecured' moment for you!

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