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With so much to do and so little time in hand, everyone is time pressed. However, this certainly doesn’t mean you should turn blind eye to online and data security! To help 'busy' Mac users, TechGenie has equipped Mac Security Pro with a handy tool Quick Scan. Just as the name suggests, you can run this tool on your device on days when you are too occupied and would like to check for vulnerabilities in specific areas of the machine. With easy and customizable options, this tool lets you select what you want to scan and how you want to do it. Check out the features below for complete understanding of the same.

Key features

  • Select Specific Locations

    Since you are time pressed, you can choose to scan only particular locations within the device. This speeds up the scanning process, brings you accurate results, and even reduces the load of looking for threats in areas that you have secured already. Isn't this simple and fun?
  • Treatment of Detected Threats

    Just like with other TechGenie products, even this tool is set with different choices that you may pick from, with regard to treating the suspected file. You can quarantine a file, delete it completely or mark it as safe (if you are sure of the sender and the intentions) - the choice is afterall yours!
  • Easy Customizing Options

    To enable you further flexibility, TechGenie allows you to 'Pause' the scanning process to 'Resume' later. Moreover, you can start and stop a scan mid way to take care of other important tasks that you may have. Nonetheless, it is recommended that you should always complete the scanning process rather than halting it in between for better safety.

If you still have doubts about initiating a Quick Scan, contact our tech experts now. We are on call 24x7 and can help you get started in no time. Dial our toll free number as and when you need tech assistance and we will be right there for you…