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Kill threats with TechGenie Mac Security Pro

Keeps online hazards away and your Mac device up and
working 24x7

Why TechGenie Mac Security Pro

Professional security services for your Mac round the clock includes

  1. Simple solutions and effective scanning options that ensure that your device is 100% safe and you get to completely focus on your tasks without a worry.
  2. Real-time threat detection and removal techniques
  3. Complete HD Scan options that let you choose what you want to scan and when
  4. State of the art event log options that allow you to scrutinize events as per convenience
About TechGenie Mac Security Pro
Empower your Mac to continue performing at its best and without a security risk bothering it; let no online threat scare you and do harm to your digital life
  • Real-time protection: Keeps your Mac safe and secured round the clock
  • Fast and efficient scanning options: Offers different scanning options like Full HD Scan, Quick Scan, and others
  • Detects threats instantly and effectively: Keeps threats under check and nips them at their bud
  • Provides you fixes on demand: Gives you the freedom to scan specific disks, mark content as safe/unsafe, move files to quarantine and out etc
  • Updates you constantly on Scan progress: Offers you real-time information on the progress of a scan
  • Automatic definition update features: Instantly connects to the server and downloads updates without bothering you

TechGenie Mac Other Popular Products

Don't leave your Mac device vulnerable to threats: Install TechGenie now!

Mac Optimizer: This tool optimizes the performance of your Mac device and lets it work for you non-stop!

Mac Optimizer Pro: Maintains your Mac machine in a professional way. Removes data clutter and organizes files like a 'Pro'

TechGenie Free Antivirus (For Windows): Prevents data and identity thefts and checks malware attacks

TechGenie Total Security (For Windows): Sophiscticated, instant, accurate, robust… this security suite is all these and more rolled into one.It secures your PC, mailbox, browsers, online sessions, and your set passwords in just a few clicks.

How TechGenie Mac Security Pro Works

Cloud-based scanning techniques make TechGenie Mac Security Pro the best security solution for you.

  • Scan: This tool scans your Mac for errors
  • Fix: With this step, the scanned file's footprint is shared on the cloud
  • Restore: The information is restored on the device for future reference


TechGenie Mac Security Pro Features:

Empower your device with the tools below. Enjoy a worry-free experience, everytime!

  • Full Macintosh HD Scan: Run the Full HD Scan on your Macintosh to identify threats and vulnerabilities. Keep your data safe.

  • Quick Scan: When pressed for time, run the Quick Scan and complete the process in a jiffy; derive accurate results nonetheless.

  • Custom Scan: Identify the particular locations in your device that you want to scan and TechGenie will keep you safe. Handy, isn't it?

  • Critical Scan: Choose this option to tackle the most sensitive areas in your Mac and kickout the trickiest virus. This is safety round the clock.

  • Real-Time Shield: Real time threat detection and scanning techniques keep you safe. This Mac Security Pro tool ensures just that!