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TechGenie Mac Optimizer is for you!

Clean up your Mac, enhance its speed, and enjoy a never-before
computer experience…

Why TechGenie Mac Optimizer

TechGenie Mac Optimizer is easy to install & use and optimizes your devices's speed in a jiffy

  1. Gets rid of speed and performance issues instantly
  2. Sets up in no time and lets you customize its settings easily too
  3. Boosts the chances of faster and safer Internet connection
  4. Utilizes your disks and arranges the startup items
About TechGenie Mac Optimizer
TechGenie Mac Optimizer is a handy tool that tunes up your Mac. It clears cache, binaries, unwanted languages & logs, and renews the machine like never before.
  • Improves Mac speed and performance: By scanning the machine and deleting redundant files, Mac Optimizer keeps your machine optimized 24x7.
  • Manages data clutter: Old & unwanted logs, cache, binaries etc. clog your machine - Mac Optimizer clears all such files and speeds it up.
  • Utilizes Disks: It effectively manages the hard drive by organizing the saved files and folders
  • Organizes the startup menu: Don’t bother about adding/removing programs from the startup menu - Mac Optimizer does it for you instantly

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How TechGenie Mac Optimizer Works

This Mac optimizing program uses cloud-based technologies to maintain the performance of the machine!

  • Scan: The program identifies a suspicious file
  • Fix: A digital fingerprint of the file is instantly sent to the cloud
  • Restore: The information is returned to the device and stored for future scrutiny and reference

TechGenie Mac Optimizer Features:

This Mac optimizing program uses cloud-based technologies to maintain the performance of the machine!


  • Binaries Remover: Scans your device for unwanted binary files that clogs system space and removes them; keeps your device 'active'

  • Cache Remover: Keeps a tab on the old and redundant Cache files in your device and removes them; creates space and speeds it up

  • Languages Remove: Speeds up your device by removing interface languages that you don’t need; conserves valuable system space

  • Logs Remover: Clears unwanted logs from the hard disk's memory so that you enjoy better system speed and more available space

  • Disk Utilization: Visualizes for you the size of saved files so that you have files segregated for you as per their size

  • Startup Items: Allows you to select/ de-select the items in the Startup menu as per your requirement and preference