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TechGenie Mac Optimizer Pro: Fast & Handy!

Takes away your worries of tuning it up regularly
and lets you sit back and relax.

Why TechGenie Mac Optimizer Pro

Simply because you can't trust your device with just about anyone… can you? The amazing features that this program offers you let you to

  1. Enjoy anytime access to tech experts 
  2. Scan your device for finding files & creating backup
  3. Effortlessly take care of your installed apps
About TechGenie Mac Optimizer Pro
Give your Mac the required shield it needs to keep itself safe and always optimized
  • Helps fix your network issues in no time: Keeps a tab and suggests fixes instantly
  • Allows you to encrypt/ decrypt sensitive files easily: Hides important files in the hard disk so that no one is able to trace and misuse it
  • Removes your valuable data to its last trace: Offers you a file shredding tool to eliminate sensitive data from the hard disk without a trace
  • Provides you simple and effective backup facilities: Ultra-fast and effective backup tool creates multiple copies of files and safely stores them
  • Enables you to find files in a jiffy: For all files that have gone missing from the hard disk, scan using this tool and locate files instantly
  • Lets you remove unwanted files in no time: To clear duplicate files and free up system space, simply scan using this tool

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How TechGenie Mac Optimizer Pro Works

State of the art technology to secure and optimize your Mac device is here…

  • Scan: Identifies an unsafe file
  • Fix: Sends the traces to the cloud for analysis and threat prevention
  • Restore: Restores your device to its fine working state


TechGenie Mac Optimizer Pro Features:

Here's the 'Professional' assistance your Mac needs! Keep the tools handy and scan regularly..

  • Duplicate Finder: Scan to find duplicate files and instantly remove them to preserve disk space and optimize your machine.

  • Files Locator: Use this tool to locate lost/missing files in no time. Take help of preset filters or create new ones as per your choice.

  • App Uninstaller: Clear your hard disk off old & unused apps and remove defined app settings, logs, cache. Create system space for best results.

  • App Updater: Relieves you of the hassles of updating installed apps; set this tool to update your app automatically

  • Encrypt/Decrypt: Safeguards your data and hides it in the hard disk - safe from the prying eyes of intruders. No one, except you, will be able to find it.

  • Shredder: Remove sensitive data and render it un-retrievable. Trust this TechGenie tool; it is robust, simple-to-use, handy & effective.

  • Backup: Create backups of important data and store them on external storage devices. Prevents loss of data & keeps them safe for you.

  • Fix iTunes: Provides you easy fixes to resolve even the complex of iTunes errors. With this tool in hand, you've nothing to worry.

  • Fix Network: It fixes network issues on your Mac in no time. It lets you modify network settings, fix Internet issues, & resolve browsing errors.