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The Ultimate TechGenie Tool to Clear Logs

For smooth and fast computing experiences, remove all
unwanted system logs - notice the enhanced speed!

Logs Remover Breathes New Life

A maintenance tool your Mac can't do without, Call Toll Free 1 844 994 9897

The essence of a Mac-based device lies in its speed and performance. Don’t let this essence fade simply because you were too busy to notice the system clutter that had accumulated! Useless system logs - created by redundant application files, settings and preferences, shortcuts, etc. - clutter your Mac and compel it to underperform.
Use this TechGenie tool to remove the logs and even speed up your machine. Once the logs are erased from the device's memory, you will see that the installed apps have also become faster. This includes your browsers and productivity suite tools as well.

Key features

  • Clear Junk Files

    Once you set up this tool, it will scan your hard disk drive to look for files that are regularly used and others that are now redundant. Once you have confirmed, this tool will safely remove all the logs - user logs, system logs, downloads, and others and free us disk space.
  • Boost Installed Applications

    As the logs will be removed, TechGenie will optimize your machine and organize the files that are now present on the drive. Scan your device using this tool regularly to keep your Mac at its best performing state.
  • Free up & Speed up

    Maintaining Mac was never this simple; install TechGenie Mac Optimizer and leave it to this software. In just a few clicks your machine gets de-cluttered, organized, and optimized.

For scanning your device and removing all logs, contact our tech experts on our toll free number. We are on call 24x7 and can help you fix all technical errors on your device as well.