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Bring home the slimmer & healthier Mac!

Keep Mac healthy with TechGenie Mac Optimizer. It removes 'junk' &
unwanted language files that eat up disk space.

Language Remover: Resourceful Management

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The hard drive on your Mac will surely have lots of free space. However, with time & use, this space will get used up and also your device may become sluggish. One way to make sure that you always have that little 'extra space' is to remove all the unnecessary language files. Mac equips you with dozens of languages; mostly you may not even need 80% of them even if you speak/ write in multiple languages. There isn't a point in keeping those redundant languages just to make your device heavy. Use this handy TechGenie tool to erase those language files, proficiently and instantly...

Key features

  • Advanced Methods To Remove Files

    TechGenie uses contemporary methods to identify & remove files to its last traces! You can list multiple languages and erase them from your machine in one go. Timely, effective and handy… that's what TechGenie is all about.
  • Safety Comes First

    To make sure you don’t accidentally delete an important language, it confirms before finally deleting it. Once deleted from the machine, you can't ever get back these languages.
  • Customize your Mac

    Once the unused files are removed, you can further customize your Mac by listing the languages as per your preference. TechGenie empowers you to enjoy a completely optimized device, customized as per your choice…

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