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Is iTunes Troubling You Today?

Here's the ultimate tool to fix all issues in a jiffy

An iTunes Experience That You Never Thought Existed

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To maintain your iTunes application at its best performing speed, keep this TechGenie tool handy. We can't call our Mac device completely optimized until we have fixed all issues in our iTunes gallery. And to help you achieve that and much more, TechGenie offers you this handy and simple tool that is capable of fixing even the most complex errors on your gallery. How about getting started now? Check out the features mentioned below and kick start your iTunes troubleshooting activity...

Key features

  • Fix Issues with iTunes

    If at all you are facing a challenge using iTunes such as application not opening, content not downloading properly, or even problems syncing devices - use the iTunes Troubleshooter tool, equipped with TechGenie Optimizer Pro. No matter what the issue may be, iTunes Troubleshooter strives to resolve them all.
  • Boost the iTunes Experience

    In addition to fixing the issues, TechGenie also enables you the simplest ways to optimize your iTunes experience. When threat detection, removal, and fixes to common errors on iTunes are all in place, your experience will automatically be enhanced!
  • Easy Customizable Options

    To aid you better in troubleshooting and optimizing the iTunes application on your Mac, this tool allows you handy customizable options. You can choose to take care of the various challenges that you are facing on your device, using these customizable options that include scanning as per category relevance, looking for inconsistencies as per file type and so on...

For help with fixing all tech glitches with iTunes and to optimize your Mac device, call our tech experts on our toll free number. We are waiting to hear from you…