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Security of Mac is Finally in Your Hands!

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Secure Data, Communication, Sessions in 'Full HD'

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Along with optimizing your machine, you also have a lot to worry about keeping it secured, don’t you? Well, now with TechGenie Full Mac HD Scan available, you don’t have to worry much. This simple to scan tool hunts for threats and ambiguities across the device; it looks for them even in areas that are sensitive and critical. It further quarantines suspected files and deletes risky ones even without your intervention. With different modes available for you to pick and choose from, this is one TechGenie tool worth checking out today.

Key features

  • Scan Applications for Threats

    To ensure that there is no loophole with regard to security in your Mac device, the Full Mac High Definition Scan checks for vulnerabilities in each installed application. Unless your online sessions are safe, you can't be 100% secured in your computing tasks!
  • Advanced Scanning Mode for Partitions

    To enable you a completely safe ambience, this TechGenie tool also scans the partitions on your Mac device. Tricky malware can hide itself well in the partitions and remain undetected for long. Therefore, Full Mac HD Scan looks for threats even in the areas that other secruity programs may overlook.
  • Contemporary Scanning Features

    To give you a slice of the state of the art scanning facilities, this tool also allows you to safeguard all storage devices connected to your Mac, including the external devices. With this tool to scan your machine, you can be sure of security round the clock.

To check out the benefits of this tool, scan your Mac right away. Should you face a challenge, do not forget to call us on our toll free number. Our technicians are available 24x7.