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Finding Files Is Easier with File Locator

Now search for files on your Mac in seconds. Spend less time waiting for accurate results.

Locate Files Like You Never Did Earlier

Fast and easy to use Mac Files Locator Utility; to get started, Call 1 844 994 9897

"How would it be like if you enter a file name or a document name in the search box and it appears on your screen? It sounds great! Gone are the days when you had to dig deep in the hard drive of your Mac to locate some selected types of files. Now, with Files Locator Utility, set with the TechGenie Mac Optimizer Pro program, it is easier to locate files in seconds. Whether you have to search for an entry in a log file, or a document on your Mac, Files Locator helps you locate things faster. Its unique feature makes it possible to dig out the file from even the most crucial place. Check out the below given features of Files Locator utility to understand its efficiency:

Key features

  • Find saved files instantly

    Can’t recall the location where you have saved your official documents? No need to worry, the Files Locator utility will help you locate the saved files instantly. You just need to enter the type of file into the search box and the results will be in front of your eyes.
  • Customize your search

    It lets you customize your search as per your preference. For instance, if you need to search for your word documents, you can customize the tool accordingly. So, the next time, you’ll search for documents, all word documents stored in the hard drive will appear on your screen.
  • Easy to use custom filters

    The Files Locator utility allows you to choose one of the preset filters from Video, Audio and others to find files on your Mac. You can also opt for custom scans by creating your own filter. With preset filters, you can filter the search as per your convenience.

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