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Keep your files and sensitive messages safe

Give the best security to your personal files and documents in a single click.

Avoid data stealing with easy Encrypt/Decrypt utility

Smart and easy tool to keep your personal data safe and secured Call 1 844 994 9897

Now secure your personal data and sensitive messages from prying eyes with simple and smart Encrypt/Decrypt utility. It ensures that your personal data is not leaked or stolen by anyone. Once the data is encrypted, it cannot be retrieved through the Finder or Terminal. So, if you have not yet secured your data, get it done today with TechGenie Mac Tuneup Absolute. Here are some features of Encrypt/Decrypt utility:

Key features

  • Safely guard valuable data

    With Encrypt/Decrypt utility, you don’t need to worry about the security of your valuable data. It comes with a private key that enables easy encryption and decryption of data. So get all your data encrypted to keep it safe from threats.
  • Prevent data theft instances

    Security is highly important when it comes to prevent data theft instance. Encrypting data allows you to keep it safe and secure from potential threats. You can decrypt it as and when required using the secret key.
  • Simple and safe decryption techniques

    Once the data or file is encrypted, it also needs to be decrypted. The Encrypt/Decrypt utility makes it all happen in just a few easy clicks. It comes with easy decryption techniques that let you easily access your encrypted files.

For more information on how you can run this software on your Mac, call us on our toll free number for instant help. We are available 24/7 for the security and safety of your files and other data. Call us anytime!