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Analyze Disk Usage & Optimize your Mac

Till you have utilized the disk space intelligently, you
can't expect your Mac to work in the same fashion!

Disk Utilization: Simple tool to Perfect your Mac

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It is a good practice to regularly monitor the disk usage in your Mac device. If you fail to do it, saved files will clutter the hard drive and leave no space vacant needed for smooth computing. This task can be tedious and may require some technical skills to get done resourcefully. So, to aid you in your quest, TechGenie offers you simple tools to take care of this activity and thereby manage your disk space.
Scan your device using this tool and jazz up your computing, web, online gaming, and social interaction sessions instantly!

Key features

  • Advanced Disk Scanning

    For instant and best results, trust this TechGenie Mac Optimizer tool! This component is easy to use and give you results that are accurate. Its advanced scanning mode ensures that you get the best visual representation of your disks and you are in total control!
  • Perfect Disk Utilization

    With this handy tool installed, you have nothing to worry about managing disk space. No more 'Your system is full' messages and no fretting over deciding which files to delete or compress! TechGenie alerts you on all advancements and provides you simple ways in which you can tackle this task as a 'Pro'.
  • Optimizing after Scanning

    Of course, not optimizing your device after scanning will render it half baked. So, TechGenie simultaneously optimizes the machine to let you enjoy a well-performing device, once the task is over…

Thankfully, to help you schedule a scan or to even scan it for you, our tech experts are on call 24x7. Don’t hesitate to contact us and and when you need our assistance…