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Why is the custom location scanning option important?
Well, simply because every computer user has different security needs and their need at a particular time can also be distinct! With this tool available, you can decide which location you want to scan and also attempt scanning multiple locations in one go. Once you have specified the areas that you want TechGenie to scan for you, you can sit back and relax! The tool will take on from here and display accurate results in just a jiffy. No more waiting for one scan to complete and then start with the rest and no longer fretting over unnecessarily scanning the entire device - your device, your scanning preference... TechGenie indeed makes all of this appear so simple.

Key features

  • Fast Scanning Mode

    Everyone loves everything that is fast, isn't it? Why should scanning your Mac be a slow process at all?
    From scanning running applications to scanning the archives to specifying the threats you want this tool to look for -- it is all possible here and in just a few clicks.
    TechGenie will display a list of all the locations and specifications that it is scanning for and highlight also the ones that it hasn't included in its scan this time. Isn't this so cool? Of course, this is all what TechGenie is all about. Scan now and remain safe!
  • Choose Multiple Locations in One Go

    With this tool handy, customizing your scans is almost like a cakewalk. Simply identify the locations you would like to scan and hit the 'Scan' button. TechGenie will take care of the rest. The highest benefit of this tool is that once you have initiated the process, you can take care of your other chores and let this program secure your machine for you.

Not sure how you can customize your scan? Worry not. Call our tech experts on our toll free number and we will connect you to a proficient technician who can help you instantly. We are on call round the clock - call us when you need us.