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Security Is Always Critical

But there can be times when it is as simple as a 'Now or Never'

For Instant Scan and Protection

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Don’t get hyper over the accidental download of a file! Rather, use the Critical Location Scan feature of TechGenie Mac Security Pro. The best about this tool is that it allows you to specify the critical area in your device that you want to beef up the security of. This can include the Startup menu, particular folders on the drive, specific drives, or even particular applications. Once the scan results are displayed, do make it a point to perform the Full Mac HD Scan, if you sense that the threat could have penetrated to other areas as well.

Key features

  • Detects Recent Threats

    The highlight of this tool is specifying the security program to look for recent threats that may have intruded your Mac. If you have recently done a Full Mac HD Scan and would only want to be sure of the latest file downloaded on your device, you can opt for this scan mode and be rest assured.
  • Advanced Analysis Methods

    Till a security program analyzes a potential threat, it can't be sure of the action that it has to take. To ensure that the file you lately downloaded is safe, TechGenie Mac Security Pro will analyze its nature using advanced methods. Like you, we can't take a chance with the security of your device, can we?
  • Security At Its Best

    Since you can timely scan your device and make sure that all risks have been effectively eliminated, what reasons do you have to worry? Mac Security Pro keeps you protected round the clock and lets you enjoy complete peace of mind.

Do you need to customize this scan mode now? Simply call us on our toll free number and let a tech expert do it for you. For more tech help, keep our number handy. We are available 24x7.