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Creating Reserves Was Never This Easy!

Keep a backup of all your sensitive files using this TechGenie tool

Backup Your Files & Enjoy Easy Computing

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This TechGenie tool provides you the perfect way to safeguard accidental file deletions and data theft instances. Once you have created a backup copy of your valuable files, you can easily remove them from the main location and keep it away from prying eyes. Also, since it is fast and competent, you can use this tool as many times as you need as per your convenience. Reserve copies of files and folders are always handy -- keep them at a click away from you!

Key features

  • Create Valuable Repertoire

    This tool makes it easy for you to create a repository of files, folders and items - as you would like it to be. These reserve copies can be quite a savior at times of loss or accidental deletion. It creates these files on external storage devices such as the USB drives, FTP, and even external HDD.
  • Advanced Tools for Faster Backup

    To speed up the backup process, TechGenie uses advanced tools that are safe and effective. Whether it is creating reserves of images, videos, data files or settings, TechGenie helps you do it all.
  • Data-loss Prevention

    Owing to the smart tools that this TechGenie Backup component is designed with, data loss prevention can be ensured right after installing it. Till the time it is a part of your Mac device, you can be rest assured -- you are in safe hands!

To taste a slice of this handy utility, plan your backup today. Also, for best results, use this tool as frequently as you want. For more information or help to get started, call us on our toll free number today…