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Update Apps often to keep your Mac Healthy

Don’t let your Mac Apps go outdated, update them regularly to keep your machine active.

Now update apps without wasting any of your precious time

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Is it difficult to remember the next update date for applications that are installed on your Mac? Gone are the days when you used to keep a check at latest updates available in the market. Now, the same job is done by an App Updater utility that takes care of all your Mac apps and their latest updates. App Updater utility ensures that every app running on your Mac is updated with latest version. With this tool at your assistance, you don’t need to worry about the performance of your machine. Check out the features of App Updater utility:

Key features

  • One stop to check for Mac apps updates

    The App Updater keeps a constant check on latest updates for Mac apps. It finds out the newer version of apps released by Mac developers and updates them accordingly. Regular updates ensure efficiency.
  • Installs app updates instantly

    It relieves you from the burden of updating apps manually. The moment it find that new version for app is available, it starts updating it.
  • Safe and Easy

    It is an easy-to-use application that runs in the background of your screen. The moment it finds latest updates from developers, it lets you know about the availability of the update in a window on your screen and then installs it accordingly.

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