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Uninstall Unused/ Unwanted Apps!

Remove useless apps from your Mac and speed up its performance in just one click.

Removing Apps from Mac Is No More a Tedious Job

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Installing Mac apps is simpler, but getting rid of them isn’t always that easy. But, with App Uninstaller tool for Mac, the process of removing unwanted apps becomes simpler and faster. Select the apps that you don’t want on your Mac and drag them to the uninstaller and get rid of them in just one click. Isn’t it simple and fast? App Uninstaller for Mac completely removes applications, widgets, preferences and logs of the application. It also finds apps on the hard drive that look useless and lets you delete those as well. So, avoid complicating the uninstallation process as you can get rid of these apps in just one click. Check out the below given features for the App Uninstaller tool:

Key features

  • Remove installed apps completely

    App Uninstaller for Mac helps in removing installed apps that are useless and not in use in just one click. You just need to select the apps that you don’t want and it removes them completely from your Mac in seconds.
  • Scan disks and find redundant apps

    You might not know that there are many other apps on your devices that are useless. But the App Uninstaller scans the disk and brings them out on your screen. It lets you check them before removing them from the machine.
  • Speed up your Mac machine

    A machine that is free from all sorts of unwanted apps and programs automatically becomes a fast machine. Once this tool uninstalls all the apps that you don’t use, the machine also speeds up giving optimum performance.

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