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24x7 Security & Optimization For Mac

We keep your device safe, efficient and 100% error free!

Why TechGenie's Mac Security Solution

Because it offers you smart programs & handy tools

  1. Your Mac can also be vulnerable at times; to ensure these ambiguities do not cause your digital life much harm, check out our TechGenie products
  2. Optimization tools like Mac Optimizer and Mac Optimizer Pro
  3. Contemporary security solution in the form of Mac Security Pro
  4. Round the clock access to expert technicians

Product Category


Protect your Mac - laptops and notebooks - with TechGenie Mac Products


  • Mac OptimizerFor best speed & Mac performance.
  • Mac Optimizer Pro: Maintains your device like 'Pro'.
  • Mac Security Pro: Monitors threats; keeps bugs away.

  • Free Antivirus (Windows-based devices): Easy to install & scan; keeps threats at bay, Monitors your device in real-time
  • Free PC Optimizer (Windows-based devices): Simple scanning tools to optimize your device, Speeds up online sessions & improves experience
  • Pick the right product for your Mac: Security, Privacy, 100% Reliability, and More…, Browse through our catalog for the perfect product to secure and optimize your Mac with. Your Mac, Your Preference!!!

Introduction about each product


Mac Optimizer: User friendly and Interactive, Removes data clutter, Utilizes hard disk space, Manages apps in the Startup menu, Tunes up your device and keeps it error-free


Mac Optimizer Pro: Easy to install and use, Offers simple data backup options, Fast tools for locating files, Erases data clutter, Shreds sensitive files in a jiffy


Mac Security Pro: Real-time protection from threats, Different scanning options, Contemporary tools to check for vulnerabilities, Keeps all your digital data secured, Easy to install and quick to use