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Keyword Based Blocking

To blacklist content on keywords

Do you want to restrict your searches and prefer only relevant results to display? How about using the Keyword Based Blocking feature of TechGenie? Besides relevance, this feature can also help you to control the pop ups of adult content that flash across PC screens, especially if you have young children using your PC at home. No matter how extensive a search may be, once particular keywords are blocked, related content will never be thrown up in the results. Practical, handy, and definitely the answer to most queries, Keyword Based Blocking not only helps you keep a safe distance from explicit content, containing the defined keywords, it further helps you block such web pages and web sites entirely (it blocks urls that contain the defined keywords). To best use this tool, define particular keywords, phrases, or text that you want blocked and leave the rest to this amazing program. You could also mention particular sources and then sit back and enjoy. Isn’t it such a breather?

If this is appearing too good to be true, don’t fret. Well, it has been designed to be that simple and handy actually. Parental control could not have been more specific and all-inclusive.

So, make your searches fast, relevant, and more meaningful by exploring the Keyword Based Blocking feature of TechGenie. Install it once and relish the benefits forever…