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Three PC Wishes: Speed | Security | Support
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TechGenie Total Security – Keeps PC 100% Safe

Enjoy safer web experience without worrying about Internet-borne threats!

Why TechGenie Total Security

TechGenie Total Security puts forward brilliantly engineered tools for securing your PC and online sessions

To offer you a complete security package, the features of this suite include

  • Real-time security for Internet connections, browsers and mail box.
  • Enhanced parental control that lets you block web content by using keywords, website names, applications and games.
  • Protection against potential virus, spyware, malware, rootkits and other hazards.
Call Toll free 1 877 770 9245
  • After installing TechGenie Total Security software on my PC, I enjoy worry-free web browsing experience and can use social networking sites too. The software protects my digital life round the clock!

  • I’m happy the way TechGenie Total Security has taken care of my PC by optimizing its performance and removing the residing viruses and malware. Now, I simply enjoy the optimal speed of my PC and don’t worry about online threats!


About TechGenie Total Security

3 PC Wishes: Speed | Security | Peace of Mind

TechGenie Total Security is an individual and unique program that enables you to use simple yet effective tools that keeps your online life secure 24x7.

  • Round the clock protection

    Effectively keeps the harmful viruses, Trojans, worms and other malicious infections at bay.
  • Browsing Security

    Offers you safer online sessions for banking, shopping and much more.
  • Protective Shield

    Acts like a security shield to safeguard your PC from different e-threats, hacks and hijacks.
  • Proactive Detection

    Proactively monitors the sent and received data for any possible malicious threat or infection.
  • Improved Parental Control

    Allows you to block illicit content to protect your child from unwanted risks and exposure.
  • Windows 8 Compatibility

    The up to date program works effectively with Windows 8.

Other Useful Products of TechGenie

TechGenie offers a range of customized products that are just right for your PC, laptop, smartphone, and Mac machine

PC Optimizer Pro

PC Optimizer Pro

Instantly Cleans & Optimizes your PC
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$ 39.99 Per Year
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Free PC Optimizer

Free PC Optimizer

Enjoy a Free and Effective PC Optimizer
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3 PC Wishes: Speed | Security | Peace of Mind.
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$ 79.99 Per Year
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Free Antivirus

Free Antivirus
  • TechGenie Free Antivirus offers hassle free computing experience by protecting your PC from virus, malware, Trojans, hackers, and data thefts. 
  • The proactive threat detection feature offers real-time protection.
  • With this free antivirus program, the installed browsers are also protected to offer you safer browsing experiences. 

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Total Security $ 49.99
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How TechGenie Total Security Works

TechGenie Total Security offers simple yet effective 3-step protection package
  • one ScanIdentifies suspicious files
  • two FixShares digital print of the file on the cloud
  • three RestoreReturns the information to the device

Total Security Features

TechGenie Total Security is loaded with features that keep you safe online, no matter whether you want to shop or bank.

  • Antivirus Software

    Scan your PC using the Antivirus tool of TechGenie Total Security and get rid of virus, worms, bots, and others in no time. Try it out now.

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  • Anti-Spyware

    The Anti-Spyware tool of this suite ensures that no spyware is able to sneak into your machine, no matter you as a user of aware of it or not

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  • Anti-Malware

    Clean your PC using this tool and give it a new lease of life! Enjoy safe, fully optimized, and efficient PC experience - now and everytime!

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  • Anti Rootkit

    Rootkits causing you headache? Worry not! Simply scan using this tool and relax. TechGenie is working to keep your PC safe 24x7.

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Customer reviews
4 Star rating based on 120 reviews

I have been looking for a complete suite for my PC to protect it from malicious online threats, hacks etc. Now, after installing the TechGenie Total Security suite I can relax and enjoy the optimal performance of my PC effortlessly.


Earlier, my PC would run very slow. On a friend’s recommendation, I installed the TechGenie Total Security suite. Now, my computer has a better speed and enhanced security round the clock. Big thanks to Total Security!