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No more nasty intrusions, hacks or hijacks...

This is the ultimate tool to help identify attacks and secure
your digital data in real-time.

Intrusion Detection

Blocks Hacker’s Attacks

What would you expect from an antivirus or anti spam suite? Detect and remove viruses, malware and infections that are present in your PC? But what about the newer infections that multiply each passing day and are waiting for that one chance to enter your computer? Keeping a tab on the latest ones isn’t indeed such an easy task after all. We have thus designed TechGenie to offer you a protective cover even from the latest viruses and spyware so that once installed, it will give you real-time protection against all probable threats and hacker’s attacks.

Intrusion Detection is one feature of the security software that makes sure that all possible threats are kept at bay and to do it, it: With the Intrusion Detection feature available, you no longer have to fear the different dubious ways infections and hackers may deploy to enter your PC and steal data. 



Key features

  • Observes the system and user activities

    If you have multiple users accessing the PC, there are bound to be different online behaviors and preferences. Therefore, Intrusion Detection will deploy different techniques to protect each user from threats. While one user may access gaming sites particularly, there may be another user who may visit websites that provide video content. Since both belong to separate genres, the threats will be diverse and accordingly preventions have to be appropriate as well.
  • Analyzes the PC strengths and weaknesses

    TechGenie itself runs several security checks to find out the core vulnerabilities and potencies of your PC. It accordingly alerts you while it scans content to find out threats. It also warns you if there has been a policy violation too. While performing the security check and scanning your PC; it does not compromises your PC speed. This gives you hassle free working and optimal productivity.
  • Analyzes particular behavior and patterns

    This tool is able to identify typical traits that an attacker displays and specific behavioral patterns that are common to hackers. It then appropriately acts upon curbing the threats and safeguarding your valuable data. As, it is important to detect the potential threats and attacks; at the same time it is equally important to identify specific behavioral patterns for better PC security and speed.

Looking for software that can help you detects Intrusion in your computer? Get the new Intrusion Detection Software by TechGenie and safeguard your computer data from hackers and spammers.