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Internet Optimizer

For a snappier web surfing experience

Imagine a situation in which you may have to take a print out of some important information available on the Internet and the slow Internet speed isn’t allowing you to open the required webpage and take the printout. This is one situation that most of us can relate to and we definitely know how frustrating it can get. Rather than banging the computer, how about engaging a simple tool that can enhance the Internet speed? Yes, there is indeed such an option available. The Internet Optimization tool is a handy option that you can turn up to when you require optimizing the performance of your Internet connection.

Internet Optimization is a program that has been designed to power up the speed of your Internet connection. It intelligently modifies your PC connection settings for faster web browsing and downloading. Easy to use and definitely very effective; our Internet Optimization tool regularly informs you about the performance of your Internet connection: whether or not it is fully optimized and whether it is running at its top speed or not. So, if at all you are bugged by the slow Internet speed, all you have to do is switch to TechGenie Internet Optimization. Accelerate the speed of your Internet connection and get the best web experience.

A quick look at the features and benefits of Internet Optimization:



Key features

  • Accelerates your Internet connection

    This is all you can ask for! If you are confused about the Internet speed decreasing over time, then we have a solution. The program will let you scan and find out the real reason behind the issue and work on resolving it. The Internet optimization tool helps to resolve the issue by scanning the computer and accelerates the Internet speed. Now you can have a hassle free Internet browsing session without the worry of your Internet speed decreasing.
  • Jumpstart your browsing session

    The browsing session on the Internet may take time depending on the speed of the Internet connection and the response time of the web page. But with the Internet optimization tool helps in jumpstarting your browsing session. Open up multiple web pages and comfortably move across them to collect whatever information you need. The best is that you need not even go for an upgrade. Your same old connection will appear new.
  • Speed up any type of Internet connection

    The TechGenie Internet Optimization tool helps in optimizing the Internet settings that you are using and boosts the speed of your internet connection. Irrespective of the type of Internet connection  that you have – dial-up, DSL, cable or wireless – Internet Optimization complements them all.
  • Easy to use for novice and experts

    Unless a program is easy to install and use, it does not make much sense to most users. Perfectly designed for novice and experts, Internet Optimization is available to you just at one click of the mouse. This tool has been designed in such a way that you can easily accelerate the speed of your internet without much hassle.

And lastly, of course your online gaming sessions will become even more enjoyable as the speed of the Internet connection will absolutely match up the thrill of your games. This will surely bring your Internet journey to a full circle.