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Limit the Internet time as per your choice!

Restrict content, file download & installation to secure
your online life.

Internet Block/Allow

Restrict your kid’s onscreen time


Is your child quickly turning into an Internet addict? Do you want to control your kid’s onscreen time to make him focus on other activities? Now stabilize the Internet life of your family by limiting their web access time and set flexible and healthy limits without making your kids feel oppressed by spying their online activities.

With our customized and easy-to-use Internet Block/Allow tool, you can easily password protect your Internet connection through a centralized admin console. It can completely block the Internet, allow access to limited number of websites, set time limitations for more regulated access, and limit the number of programs that have access to the Internet. For example, you can only allow access to work-relates websites to protect your kid from accessing the wrong part of the Internet and keep them away from accessing unwanted websites. Among other features, our module also includes file downloads blocking and limited access to admin control to prevent unauthorized users from modifying the settings or uninstalling the software altogether.

Other features and benefits include:

  • Block problem causing or addictive services, e.g. online gambling sites, adult websites, etc.
  • Block objectionable content on the Internet
  • Password-protect and have healthy Internet access
  • Block/allow websites as per keyword contained in the URL
  • Block unnecessary file downloads to prevent kids from installing malicious software

So, whether you want to block your kid’s internet access or set a set of controls to regulate his online activities, TechGenie Internet Block/Allow utility will provide you an effective solution to ensure that your kids are secure whenever they go online.