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Three PC Wishes: Speed | Security | Support
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Free PC Optimizer - No more slow PC issues

Fixes PCs performance issues and optimizes it like never before!
Cleans, defragments disks, creates system space & is your security advisor.

Why TechGenie Free PC Optimizer

Because this is the ultimate PC optimizing tool that you can entrust your PC and its data with.

Free PC Optimizer is a simple to install, handy to use, and very effective tool that takes care of your PC by:

  • Cleaning and enhancing the speed of your PC and its installed applications
  • Optimizing the Internet connection for faster and safer connectivity
  • Cleaning the PC's registry and managing system space besides also providing security advise
Call Toll free 1 877 770 9245
  • My laptop's hard disk always seemed full no matter how hard I tried to keep it clean. But with Free PC optimizer now installed, I have no more worries.

    Anna W. Rose
  • My friend suggested me to try out this PC optimizer tool and I must say I am happy to have followed her advise. I don’t have to worry about managing junk files anymore.

    Ramon Johns

About TechGenie Free PC Optimizer

Complete Security. Enhanced Privacy. 100% Reliability

Keeping your PC optimized is as important as keeping it safe. Only a well-maintained PC can help you enhance your productivity, store your data safely, and offer you error-free computing experiences. TechGenie Free PC Optimizer gives you these and more…

  • Instantly enhances PC speed

    Offers you easy ways to get rid of performance and slow PC issues. Gives your PC a fresh start.
  • Handles PC and data clutter

    Don’t waste time managing your data manually. TechGenie Free PC Optimizer handles data and clears junk - thereby keeping your PC optimized.
  • Restore files securely

    Enjoy a one-click process to restore valuable files and back them up as well!
  • Analyzes and resolves common PC issues

    This tool detects, analyzes, and resolves the common issues that you are struggling with.

TechGenie Other Popular Products

TechGenie offers you a range of products to protect your PC, smartphone, Mac machine, online data, and your digital identity.

PC Optimizer Pro

PC Optimizer Pro

Upgrade to this suite for better features
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Total Security

Total Security

Protects you & your family's online identity 24x7
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Ultimate solution for PC speed and security
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Free Antivirus

Free Antivirus
  • TechGenie Free Antivirus provides you freedom from the fears of virus, malware, Trojans, hackers, and data thefts.
  • This security suite offers you real-time threat detection techniques that are pro-active, contemporary, and efficient.
  • This TechGenie solution also provides protection for your browsers.

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How TechGenie Free PC Optimizer Works

Available for free, you can install this suite in just a few clicks and start to:
  • one Scan Find unsafe and devious
  • two FixForward the digital print of the file to the cloud
  • three Restore Get the information back on your device

TechGenie Free PC Optimizer Features

Use TechGenie Free PC Optimizer to keep your old PC also performing as brand new

  • PC Optimizer

    Your PC too needs a life - give it the TechGenie power! This tool will maintain your PC and help it to continue giving you its best. For enhanced speed, try out this program today.

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  • Internet Optimizer

    An optimized Internet best complements an optimized PC. This tool ensures that your online browsing sessions are even more delightful and also safe. Check it out now!

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  • Registry Cleaner

    TechGenie Free PC Optimizer does deep system scans to free the PC registry of errors. It also helps to backup files and defrag the hard disk for better space management.

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  • Disk Defragmentation

    To manage space and utilize the free area effectively, this TechGenie tool works 24x7. It speeds up your PC and maintains file entegrity too. Scan regularly for best results.

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  • Security Advisor

    To take care of your security queries, TechGenie also offers you Security Advisor. This tool suggests you the right security fixes and alerts you on the missed updates and safety status.

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Customer Reviews
4 Star rating based on 100 reviews

This product is very good especially because I don’t have to really scratch my head to initiate a task here. It does most things on its own and pretty effectively. I plan to upgrade to your paid product soon for the added benefits that i will get with it..


For PC optimizing options, TechGenie free PC optimizer is the best. Not only is it simple and low on resources, it is effective and very 'todays' too. I am truly loving it. Of course I recommend it to all my friends and to you as well.