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24x7 PC safety with TechGenie Free Antivirus

Give your PC the TechGenie Advantage! Install TechGenie Free Antivirus today.
Secure it against virus, malware, spyware & more.

Why TechGenie Free Antivirus

TechGenie Free Antivirus safeguards your PC & detachable drives from online threats.

You get ultimate PC protection and 100% freedom from e-threats and hazards in the form of

  • Round the clock security against virus, spyware, malware, rootkit, and others
  • Security for installed browsers
  • Real-time monitoring of events and data received and sent from your PC
Call Toll free 1 877 770 9245
  • TechGenie Free Antivirus is a pretty robust suite with advanced protection features. It is free to download and very easy to set up as well

  • My online sessions have become much more enjoyable and safe ever since I installed techgenie antivirus. I am glad I set it up as I can now use my laptop being worry free.


About TechGenie Free Antivirus

Complete Security. Enhanced Privacy. 100% Reliability

TechGenie Free Antivirus provides you the best online security! With it, you get round the clock security for your PC, peripherals, installed software, and others.

  • Real time protection:

    Monitors round the clock for viruses, worms, Trojans and more.
  • Proactive Detection:

    Halts undiscovered threats by tracking their behavior.
  • Protection Shield:

    Ultrafast scanning and immediate online identification of new threats.
  • Surfing Security:

    Gives improved security for online shopping, banking and more.
  • Compatible with Windows 8:

    TechGenie Free Antivirus features Windows 8 compatibility.

TechGenie Other Popular Products

TechGenie offers a range of products to keep your PC and installed software safe and always optimized.

PC Optimizer Pro

PC Optimizer Pro

For a 100% optimized PC
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$ 39.99 Per Year
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Total Security

Total Security

To keep e-threats at bay
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$ 49.99 Per Year
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PC security round the clock
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$ 79.99 Per Year
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Free PC Optimizer

Free PC Optimizer
  • Download for free in just a few simple clicks
  • Optimizes your PC instantly and fixes common errors
  • Provides you security advise

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How TechGenie Free Antivirus Works

Cloud-based scanning for 24x7 security for PC, browser, & Internet connection
  • one Scan A suspicious file is
  • two Fix The file's digital fingerprint is sent to the cloud
  • three Restore The information is returned to the device

TechGenie Free Antivirus Features

Each tool in the TechGenie Free Antivirus suite is set with easy-to-use options that are secure, handy, efficient, contemporary & robust.

  • Antivirus Software

    The Antivirus tool helps keep virus & Trojans at bay. Scan your PC for any suspicious element and this tool will instantly remove it.

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  • Anti-Spyware

    Use this tool to scan for spyware and prevent it from intruding your PC. Within seconds, your PC will be safe and fully optimized.

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  • Anti-Malware

    To identify and remove malware, and further prevent it from re-entering - scan your PC using this tool.

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  • Anti Rootkit

    TechGenie Free Antivirus efficiently detects & removes the tricky rootkits that make a PC their home.

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  • Real Time Protection

    This tool ensures that you are constantly being monitored, even while you aren't scanning. So, let fear be bygones!

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  • Browser Protection

    Safeguards your browsers against hijacks & hackers to secure your online sessions. Have unlimited fun online.

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  • Self Protection

    Prevents unintended application file deletions thereby keeping the security suite safe and always functional.

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Customer Reviews
4 Star rating based on 150 reviews

TechGenie Free Antivirus is a good means of preventing identity theft issues & securing your bank balance. Don’t let online threats cause you headache. I strongly recommend this security solution to all.


Don’t leave your sensitive data in the PC unguarded; secure it using TechGenie free antivirus. This is free to download & install and you can do this in a few clicks. Thank you TechGenie for making my life simpler.