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Flash/USB Drive Protection

Complete security for your USB Drive

What do you store in your USB Drive? Whether you are a casual USB user or a busy professional, your USB Drive stores a lot of personal and professional information, including your important documents, precious photographs, and confidential files. A simple loss can lead to lifetime of worrying. Not just this, USB Drives are also potential virus magnets that are vulnerable to a number of security threats. Viruses and other malware can ride on your USB Drive and transmit infection to every PC you plug your drive into. So, get protected before it’s too late!

Our easy-to-use Flash/USB Drive Protection tool scans your USB Drive for any potential virus infection and ensures that your data is safe to carry around. Powered by customized scanning options, it easily identifies and locates all the files and folders that are infected by viruses and other infections for complete peace of mind.

Key features

  • Automated scanning

    Our Flash/USB Drive Protection utility silently installs regular antivirus updates in the background, thus ensuring that your USB drive is always protected from the ever-emerging security threats.
  • Does not hamper your productivity

    It quickly and efficiently scans and removes viruses from your USB drive, without hampering your overall productivity.
  • Up-to-date notifications and alerts

    The tool regularly scans your USB Drive to trace out all possible infections and its virus security alerts notify you of all potential threats to avoid infection.
  • Simple and easy-to-use interface

    Getting started with the TechGenie Flash/USB Drive Protection tool is just a matter of some seconds. A simple wizard and an easy-to-use interface guide your way toward total security.

So, don’t run the risk of losing your data to viruses and spyware. Get our Flash/USB Drive Protection tool now for complete and all-round protection.