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What is the difference between Quick Scan, Full System Scan and Custom Scan in TechGenie Antivirus

The best part of about TechGenie is that it allows you to configure settings for the degree of protection you want against malware. It detects and fixes vulnerabilities in your system, sets up scans and manages quarantined files. According to your preferences, you can choose from different scanning options, including Quick ScanFull System Scan and Custom Scan.

Quick Scan: Quick Scan detects malware running in your system and uses only a fraction of the system resources needed by a regular virus scan. The overall time taken to perform a Quick scan is variable and depends upon the amount of data stored in the system.

Full System Scan: As the name says, Full System Scan scans the entire computer for all types of malware that could be a threat to security, such as viruses, spyware, adware, root kits and others. Full System Scan performs a comprehensive scan to delete viruses and malicious threats without compromising the speed and performance of your PC. It thoroughly checks the files, boot records as well as running processes. You can schedule a Full System Scan on certain dates and times. However, it is recommended that a Full System Scan be run at least once a week.

Custom Scan: If you want to scan some specific locations on your computer or want to change the scanning options as per your convenience, choose Custom Scan. With a Custom Scan, you can either check your complete PC or just some specific areas, such as desktop, critical system files or program files.