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What are Events in TechGenie Antivirus and how to access Events log?

TechGenie Antivirus keeps an extensive log of all activities performed on your computer with this tool known as Events log. The Events log will include all the activities including scans and update process which take place on your computer. The detailed Events log compiles all objects been scanned, history of all tasks performed, settings options used for every scan process. TechGenie also logs and create reports of real-time protection to track objects scanned and threats found during such on-the-spot scan. At the same time, you will find application modules and the latest antivirus database after TechGenie has performed the Update process.

If you want to view and access the Events log, then follow these steps shown below.

  1. Open the ‘Antivirus’ window.
  2. Click on the ‘Antivirus’ tab and select ‘Events’.
  3. Events window appears and displays the following information:

a. Last Scan Log

  • Scan performed on: shows the last date scan was performed, if any
  • Scan type performed: shows the type of scan performed if any
  • Time elapsed in scan: shows the time taken by the scan
  • Threats Found: shows the total count of malware identified by scan

b. Last Update Log

  • Update performed on: shows the last date the update action was performed, if any
  • Total download size: shows the size of the updates, downloaded from the AV server
  • Update type: shows whether the updates saved were automat or manual downloads
  • Update result: shows whether the updates were successful or unsuccessful

You can also read the details of the Event log information and for that, click ‘Read Log