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Unable to install TechGenie

TechGenie Free Antivirus and TechGenie Free PC Optimizer are two TechGenie products available for FREE. According to your requirements, you can easily download and then install any of the software. However, after downloading the software of your choice, at times you may be unable to install it. This can happen if:

Download is not complete or corrupt

%temp% folder already consist downloaded setup files of TechGenie

To fix the problem, follow the steps below:


Step 1: If the download is corrupt, download the .exe file of the desired TechGenie product again.


To download TechGenie Free Antivirus, click on


To download TechGenie Free PC Optimize, click on


Step 2: If “%temp%” folder already consist downloaded setup files of TechGenie, clear TechGenie setup in temp folder.


Step 3: Restart your system


Step 4: Try to install the product again.


Step 5: In case, this doesn’t work, it is suggested to create a new user account and then install TechGenie with the new account.

Note: Before you download and install any TechGenie product it is suggested to check for its system requirements.