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What are trusted and untrusted zones in Firewall in TechGenie Total Security and Absolute?

Do you know what is Firewall or how is it associated with trusted and untrusted zones? Well, a Firewall is one of the components of TechGenie Total Security and Absolute, which protects your computer from inbound and outbound unauthorized connection attempts both on local networks and on the Internet. It acts as security personnel who keeps track of connection attempts and decides which to allow and which to block at a highly guarded office.

It uses two types of rules to filter transmitted data from your system, the Firewall Rules and Firewall Activity. The Adapter Rules is a part of Firewall Rules that determines whether your computer can communicate with other computers connected to the same network. Such rules are important to create as it helps you to specifically allow or deny traffic between your computer and other computers. For each network connection you can configure special trusted or untrusted zones.

  • Trusted zone is a device that you fully trust, for example a computer or a printer.
  • An Untrusted zone is a device that you do not want your computer to communicate with at all.

The trusted and untrusted zones can be viewed and managed easily and these help Adapter Rules in allowing or denying traffic between your computers.

So, now you know what are trusted and untrusted zones in Firewall in TechGenie Total Security and Absolute? Well, both trusted and untrusted zones are part of Adapter Rules, which determines the compatibility of your computer with other computers connected on the same network.