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TechGenie Free Antivirus - 24x7 PC Security!

Advanced tools, best detection rates, simple to install & use. Check it out now!

Install TechGenie Free Antivirus

Bothered that some nasty virus will sneak into your PC? Let go off all your anxieties and install the TechGenie Free Antivirus security solution on your PC right away…

Here is what you need to do:

Uninstall any security solution that is present on your PC

TechGenie Free Antivirus will not work if you have any other security solution running on your PC. Uninstall the particular program before you start installing.


Visit the TechGenie website to download the setup file or click on the button provided below.

Run the setup file

Once the setup file is installed, run it on your PC.

Accept the agreement

Read through the agreement terms and conditions and accept it by scrolling to the bottom of the page.

Let the installation process complete

Once you initiate the process, wait till it is complete. Disturbing the process mid-way can cancel the installation.

Restart your PC

When the installation complete notification is flashed on your PC screen; restart your PC for it to take effect. Now when your OS will load, you will be able to enjoy TechGenie Free Antivirus security cover…

Now that you know the steps to set it up, here is what you need to know about the TechGenie Free Antivirus advantage:

    • Easy to install and use:

You certainly wouldn’t want an application that is difficult to decipher, would you? This TechGenie solution is simple to set up and simpler to use. Install it now and it starts to work almost instantly. It perfectly understands the gravity of a security lapse and thus protects you every single moment of it being a part of your PC.

    • Robust features:

Free Antivirus protects you real-time against worms, Trojans, and of course PC viruses. Its competent proactive detection formula works round the clock to keep threats at bay. You can preset automated scans or scan your PC as and when you feel the need to do it. Besides your PC and its data, this solution also keeps your browser safe too. And yes, it is compatible to Windows 8 as well…

    • Easy upgrade alternatives:

TechGenie Free Antivirus can be easily upgraded. View our gallery to select the product you wish to upgrade to.

    • It is FREE:

Here is your chance to install it today.

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