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How to turn on or off firewall protection in TechGenie Total Security and TechGenie Absolute?

Firewall is a component available in TechGenie Total Security and TechGenie Absolute. It protects your computer from inbound and outbound unauthorized connection attempts, both on local networks and on the Internet.

Firewall is quite similar to the security personnel at a highly guarded office or government building. It keeps a track of connection attempts and decides which to allow and which to block.

When it comes to settings, Firewall is basically an intuitive and customizable way to protect your computer. You can also customize your firewall as per your need.

You can turn on or off Firewall protection as and when you require. Here are the steps:

  1. Open the Antivirus window.

  2. Click on the Firewall tab on the upper toolbar and Settings tab will be shown.

  3. Slide the button located on left side of window to ON to turn-on the Firewall.

  4. If you want to turn off the firewall protection, slide the button to OFF.

  5. Click on Traffic Control to block or allow different types of traffic.


Turning on or off Firewall protection on your PC can be done as per your need. But, turning off the firewall should only be a temporary measure as it can expose your PC to unauthorized connections. So, to keep your PC safe from encountering any such issue, turn the Firewall on as soon as possible.