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How to spot and remove virus with TechGenie Antivirus? 

With TechGenie Antivirus, you can configure the settings for the degree of protection you want against malware. It basically detects and fixes vulnerabilities in your system, sets up scan exclusions and manages quarantined files.

If you want to keep your PC free from viruses, you can go for TechGenie Antivirus scan as its main objective is to keep your computer clean of viruses. This is done by keeping new viruses out of your computer by scanning any new files downloaded or copied on to your system.

One way of performing scan on your PC is by going the Custom Scan way.  If you want to scan specific locations on your computer, you can run a Custom Scan.

Now, how to run a Custom Scan? Here’s how to go about it:

  1. Open the Antivirus window.
  2. On the Antivirus panel, click Scan and select Custom Scan.
  3. Select check boxes under Computer to select specific locations you want to scan for malware.
  4. Click Start Scan and follow the Antivirus Scan wizard to complete the scan. (Here, the time taken by the scan varies depending on the number of locations you want to scan.)
  5. To Stop or Pause the scan:
    • You can stop scanning anytime you want by clicking ‘Stop Scan’. You will go directly to the last step of the wizard.
    • To temporarily pause the scanning process, just click ‘Pause Scan’. You will have to click ‘Resume Scan’ to restart the scan.
  6. At the end of the scan, the scan result window will appear.
  7. Click on Scan Results button to view the scan results in detail.

You can choose an overall action to be taken for all issues or you can select separate actions for each group of issues detected. You can perform these actions by going for any of the following options that appear on the menu:

  • Delete: You can delete the threat found by clicking on Delete.
  • Quarantine: You can move the identified threat to a Quarantine folder by clicking on Quarantine.
  • Mark as Safe: An identified threat marked as Mark as Safe is considered safe hereafter and is not detected as a threat in all future scans.

Don’t you think spotting and removing virus from your PC with TechGenie Antivirus was simple and effective? However, to ensure proper custom scanning, select only the directory in which the file to be scanned is located. You cannot directly select the file to be scanned.