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How to schedule updates and scans in TechGenie Antivirus?

When was the last time you updated and scanned your computer with TechGenie Antivirus? Is it long back? Well, you often forget to update and scan your computer and therefore, it is always better to schedule updates and scans in your PC as per your convenience. The Schedule Scan and Schedule Update are two sub categories of scheduler in TechGenie Antivirus, which perform scan and update in your PC on the respective scheduled time.

To schedule updates and scans in your PC successfully, you can browse through the solution steps available below.

Scheduling updates and scans

You can specify when you want to schedule updates and scans by using the scheduler.

1. Open the Antivirus window.

2. Click on ‘Scheduler’.

3. Select from the grid the time intervals for scheduling updates and scan.

4. Select the scan type from ‘Select Scan Type’ dropdown menu and click ‘save.’

See, how easily you can schedule updates and scans by using the scheduler in your computer. Simply, follow the instructions given above and schedule a quick scan and update the same in your PC.