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How to manage the Notification Rules settings in TechGenie Total Security and Absolute?

Notification Rules is a feature available in TechGenie Total Security and TechGenie Absolute.

In the E-mail Rules category, TechGenie Antispam allows you to configure the settings for receiving notification for Spam e-mails detected by Antivirus.  When you enable this option you are notified when a probable Spam message is received and also gives you an option that allows to either Not Safe or Safe the sender or the domain.

You can also manage the Notification Rules settings as per your requirement to perform following actions with the spam message:

  • Show system tray notification on Spam detection

This feature displays a notification popup when Spam occurs.


  • Show add not safe/safe item confirmation window

This feature allows you to send Spam messages directly to configured blacklist/whitelist folder.


  • Automatically move spam to the configured folder

This feature allows moving Spam to configured folder. If the folder is not configured then the Spam is moved to default junk folder.


You can manage the Notification Rules settings only if you have accessed the Notification Rule. Here’s how you can access Notification Rules:

  1. Open Antivirus window.
  2. Click Antispam tab on the upper toolbar.
  3. In the Toolbar Settings window, select Notification Rule.


This is how you can access the Notification Rule and manage the Notification Rules Settings with TechGenie Antispam. If you don’t want to see notification repeatedly, you can uncheck the option.