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How to download and install your TechGenie product?

TechGenie is an ideal choice to protect your credentials from emerging online threats while maintaining the speed and performance of your PC.  Whenever you are online, this security suite provides proactive protection, so that you can browse the Internet without worrying about getting infected. Its super fast Internet detection tool blocks most threats before they can even reach your PC. When it comes to downloading and installing, you can pick from two TechGenie products. Available for FREE, according to your preferences, you can choose to download and install TechGenie Free Antivirus or TechGenie Free PC Optimizer. Here’s how:

Steps to download and install TechGenie Free Antivirus or TechGenie Free PC Optimizer

Step 1: Go to

Step 2: According to your requirements, click either on ‘TechGenie Free Antivirus’ tile or ‘TechGenie Free PC Optimizer’ tile. After clicking your preferred choice, a download page will appear, click on ‘Download’.


Step 3: The executable will be downloaded on your computer. You can either save it by choosing a location or run it directly.

Step 4: ‘Preparing Setup’ screen will appear, while you wait for the setup to start downloading.

Step 5: Once the setup process initiates the download, it will take a few minutes (depending on the Internet speed) to download and install the initial component of the picked software.

Step 6: Now you own the selected TechGenie product in its basic form, with all the basic tools.

Note: Before you begin downloading or installing your TechGenie product, it is suggested to check for its system requirements.