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How to create backup and restore data in TechGenie PC Optimizer Pro and TechGenie Absolute?

System Back Up and Restore is a feature available in TechGenie PC Optimizer Pro and TechGenie Absolute. This tool enables the user to either create backup or restore desired folder/data quickly and efficiently. User can create backup or restore data on another drive on the system or on external drive.

You can double-click on the System Back Up and Restore tool to make the use of this tool. A PC Optimizer Pro warning box will then appear from where you can choose the tool that you need to use by clicking Yes option.


Back Up

Here are the steps to create Back Up for the data:

  • If you click on Back Up, then add the folder/data for which you need to create Back Up. Once the data is selected then you will have to provide the path where you want the Back Up data to be stored.

  • To Back Up the desired data, you need to click on START.

  • Once the data is Backed Up successfully, it will throw a message to show the completion of task.


Here are the steps that will take you through the Restore process:

  • In order to Restore the data, you will have to click on Restore.

  • This will show all the Backed Up data. Here you need to choose what data you want to restore by clicking on START.

  • You can also choose data by clicking on Browse option if the data is Backed Up on an external drive, and then click on START.

  • Next, you need to choose the location where you want to restore data and then click on OK.

  • This will restore the data and display the message box showing the completion of task.


This is how you can create System Back Up and Restore data on your system in TechGenie PC Optimizer Pro and TechGenie Absolute.